An excerpt from The Business of Me: Your Job … Your Career … Your Value

The core measure of business and professional success is value creation. At the heart of value creation is offering a product (your skills and capabilities) that satisfy the needs of your customers (your supervisors and employers).

Communicate the value you offer and what distinguishes you from your competitors—others who are seeking the same career opportunities.

Positioning yourself for career advancement requires getting your personal package (your skills, capabilities, strengths, traits, and attributes) into situations in which you can excel. Simply put, positioning is being at the right place, with the right people, and at the right time. Dwight Eisenhower would never have been President of the United States if it were not for World War II.

When you operate your Business of Me, you can sell your personal product through three primary channels—referrals, applications to job postings, and recruiting firms. Each channel presents advantages and disadvantages.

Product + Promise + Delivery = Value. Your personal product development, personal branding, marketing, and selling will be negated if you do not deliver on your personal brand promise.

Sustaining your performance and refreshing and upgrading your product are requirements for continued success—not options.

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