Linwood Bailey November 3 Interview on the Sherry Shone Talk Radio Show

You can take 2 approaches to managing your career.

  1. You can hope.
  2. You can take control

You can hope that others will act in your self-interests and manage your career for you. When you rely on others, you place your fate in their hands and trust that they will make you their top priority, their #1 interest. You hope that events and circumstances will advance your career, get you promoted, increase your compensation, and keep you employed.

Taking control of our life is like playing chess, plotting your moves to win, versus being a pawn—being moved at the whims and wishes of others.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could gain the knowledgeLinwood Bailey and experience we need to address our career and employment challenges, needs, and issues from our dreams. During our dreams, we could try different courses of action and “experience” the benefits or “suffer” the consequences. We could wake up in the morning saying “I learned a lot last night. I’m glad that was a dream”. It would be even better if we could “schedule” our dreams to focus on whatever we are experiencing. It would be like having dreams on demand. Now, let’s talk reality.


Linwood BaileyThere are individuals in your organization who decide who gets hired, promoted, or assigned or who influence the decision makers. I call these individuals career brokers. How do the career brokers in your organization view you?


Linwood BaileyInterviewing for a job is like dancing.

As I have watched contestants perform on the television show “Dancing with the Stars”, I see two things that place the exceptional performers above the rest of the contestants. Exceptional partners:

  • Understand the movements of one another.
  • Have a solid relationship with one another.




It is estimated that 60-80% of positions are filled through referrals. Many of these positions are not listed on job sites or assigned to search firms. Given the 60-80%, networking has become the cornerstone for many individuals who are searching for a job. One of the rituals of networking encounters is providing a resume to get referrals. Is there a better way? (more…)

Why would anyone want to hire you? This is a question I pose to individuals seeking my assistance when they have lost their jobs. Most of the time my question is followed by a long moment of silence. When you conduct a job search, you embark on one of the most challenging initiatives of your life, selling YOU. (more…)

We sometimes find ourselves in challenging situations that require extraordinary efforts and push us to reach into the depths of our resourcefulness and ingenuity.  We may say to ourselves “If I knew that this position had so many challenges and issues, I would not have accepted it.”  Dwelling on the challenges of the moment can lead us to overlooking the opportunities he challenges create. (more…)