Are you getting what you want from your career?
Professional business coaching for your successAfter all, your career is your most important economic asset. Your career provides the path for fulfilling many of your hopes and dreams— the houses you will own, the cars you will drive, the education you will provide for your children, and the financial security you will achieve during your working and retirement years.

Are you managing your career or is your career being managed?

When you move from being managed by circumstances, events, and others to proactively managing your career, you exert more control over promotions and pay raises, career opportunities, and increasing your employment staying power. You build your professional value.

Building professional value is a challenge for professionals working in today’s business world. Responding to today’s business challenges, companies have downsized, restructured, implemented new business models, and changed the way employees are utilized and evaluated.  As a consequence, professionals are faced with fewer opportunities for promotions, intense competition for exceptional pay raises, and higher risks of experiencing interruptions in employment.

How is today’s employment environment affecting you?

  • Your professional key to successHas your career stalled with advancement opportunities nowhere in sight?
  • Are you concerned that the investment of your time and money in earning that graduate or undergraduate degree or professional certification is not paying off for you?
  • Are you worried as months pass without being employed?
  • Are you concerned that you may be a victim of your company’s next downsizing or reorganization?
  • Is the cost of living outpacing your career advancement with your standard of living paying the price?
  • Has returning to the workforce become a frustration or discouragement to your job search?
  • Are you concerned about making a successful transition from student to professional?
  • Are your job responsibilities and work requirements evolving faster than your knowledge and training?

Concerned about your career? Fields of Success can help.

Fields of Success works with business professionals to enable them to achieve their specific career goals.Fields of Success works with business professionals to enable them to achieve their specific career goals. Take a tour through Fields of Success to learn about our approach and how our coaching services can help you get what you want from your most important economic asset—your career.

Take a look at The Business of Me: Your Job … Your Career … Your Value, a career management guidebook recently authored by Linwood Bailey, Principal and Founder of Fields of Success.

Contact Fields of Success to tell us about your career challenges and needs or to schedule a free complimentary coaching session.

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